Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

In this article. I’m going to share with you some of the highest paying affiliate programs, which you can join this year and hopefully make a bit of money from now.

WIX Affiliate Program

Let’s take a look at some of these affiliate programs. So, the first affiliate program is from a website that you might know about. It’s actually a website, builder called WIX. Now, you guys have probably heard of weeks before, because it’s adds a pretty much everywhere, but you might not have heard about their affiliate. And which is actually ridiculously good. So if you get anyone to sign up with the Wix affiliate program, essentially you’re going to be getting $100 for every conversion.

So if anyone comes through, maybe your review about it or a tutorial about it, you’re going to get $100 which is absolutely crazy. Especially considering that this is a free kind of platform to start off with it. So it’s quite easy to get people to sign up. So, of course if you don’t know about Affiliates, you probably do but if you all you need to do is get someone to sign up through. Your link. So with Wix, you’ll get a link through their kind of dashboard and you can promote that link either through tutorials and reviews or just sharing it with your friends. And if they end up getting onto a free plan, so they can start on a free plan. And if they end up going on to a paid plan, you actually get $100 for every conversion.

Now, $100 might not sound like a whole lot of money, but it’s actually a lot. If you consider that, maybe you, you know, get people coming every day to your review or something like that. And if you end up making, One conversion that day that’s actually Thirty One hundred dollars every month and that’s actually pretty good.

They also have unlimited referrals so you can actually see right here that they have unlimited referrals. The sky’s the limit drive as much traffic as you can. So if you can get more traffic, two weeks, it’s a really good idea. And it’s really one of these games where it’s kind of a numbers game with weeks. So you want to get people coming in trying that free trial and hopefully their website is going to, they love it enough that they’re going to move on to a paid trial. So that once weeks right there. Are $100, that’s really good.

Shopify Affiliate Program

I also wanted to share the Shopify affiliate program because you guys probably know that I love this program because it is a fantastic one. It’s my main source of income at the moment because it is just incredible. So Shopify is a place where you can create online stores. So e-commerce stores really really easily. And for everyone who signs up you’re going to make the first two months of their payments. So let’s say that little just go to Shopify. Yeah, we’ll get to the back end, and you can take a look right here. I’ll just log in quickly. So you can actually see that. These are the payouts. So, these are my fortnightly payouts.I’ve made nearly five thousand dollars in the Shopify affiliate programs.

It’s really been fantastic. The growth of it, but it’s just been doubling pretty much every Month, well, it’s been increasing every month. And like I said, for everyone who signs up you get around about $58, so it’s their first two months of payments, which is what is it? 20, $29 a month or something like that. You get there first two payments. So it’s really a been, a really fantastic platform. And all you need to do is promote Shopify. And you can see that every two weeks they do these payments and it’s a fantastic one.

M1 Finance

Another one is M1 Finance. Now M1 Finance is essentially an online broker and it’s a fantastic platform because it’s also got really high affiliate commissions. So you can see here. We’ve got the affiliate program with them on finance and you can And $100 every time someone reaches someone to count reaches a thousand dollars. So essentially what they need to do is join sign up and then deposit, $1,000 into their account, with online brokerage. This is pretty normal. It’s going to be when people, you know, start using the the account. And a lot of people will deposit $1,000 into their account so they can start trading and buying stocks and things like that. Now, I know that this is a really popular program and it actually works really well. I know a guy called Ryan Scribner, you might have Heard of him. He’s a another affiliate marketer here on YouTube. And he also makes YouTube videos about business and investing in things like that. And he’s actually doing really well with this program. I think he’s making it least, you know, ten thousand dollars a month for this program. So you can really do a very good amount of money with it and $100 for each time. Someone signs up and deposits a little bit of money is a really good job, and if you are a kind of in that financial sector or investing or making money online, I definitely take a look at the M1 Finance affiliate program.

Now, another one that I really like is Bluehost and you might have heard of Bluehost because they’re one of the largest website hosts hosting companies and they’ve been around for a really long time. They’ve got a very good reputation. Now for everyone who signs up to Bluehost, you make 65 Dollars. And by the way, this is all in American dollars are not in Australian dollars, even though I do have an Australian accent and I’m actually a affiliate with Bluehost. I’m affiliate with pretty much all of these as well but $65 for getting someone to sign up for web hosting. So if you don’t know what web hosting is, it’s essentially what you need if you want to have a website online, so there are some websites, which will have their own hosting like Shopify, and Squarespace, and Wix, but if you want to have a WordPress website, which is the most popular website, builder, you Have website hosting and web site hosting is actually really cheap.

It’s like three dollars a month. So if anyone signed signs up for you, three dollars a month account, you’re going to make a $65 for everyone. And there’s unlimited amounts of sales that you can make. One. Other thing that I really liked about Bluehost is that they have a affiliate partner, which is really good. So I actually just got an email the other day from a Bluehost affiliate partner. It was fantastic. He said, hey Chris, I really like what you’re doing with your tutorials. Is there anything that I can do to make your affiliate experience any better? And I thought that was great. So I spoke to him and we’ve been going back and forth with emails. So Bluehost is really good. They have a really nice kind of dashboard and tracking and things like that. So it’s really nice.


Now another one is HostGator and it’s very similar to Bluehost in that they have a online hosting. So for your website, for your WordPress, things like that HostGator has been around for like 20 years, at least, and they’ve got a okay reputation. Not as good. As Bluehost, no one near but they are very cheap and a lot of people like to go with them because they offer cheaper hosting. So, one of the thing about HostGator is that they’ve got a ridiculously high payout. So, for example, if you get 125 people signing up for your HostGator affiliate program, you’re going to be getting $65 for each one. That’s where it caps off at Bluehost, but with HostGator, if you go six to ten people in that month, you’re going to get $75. If you get 11 to 20, you get $100. And if you get 21 plus people signing up, which is less than one person a day.

You’re going to be getting 125 dollars per sign up, which is absolutely mental when you think about it. So they’ve done some math here for you 125 dollars times 21, you’re going to be making two thousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars. By getting 21 people sign out, which is like, again. Like I said, it’s less than one a day. It’s up to you. If you like HostGator, I they do have a little bit of a sketchy reputation. You can go for it. It’s good because people like cheap hosting and it can be pretty good if you want to go for something that’s very trusted, go for Bluehost. But if you want to make a bit more money, go for HostGator.


All right. Another one is Siteground. And this one’s also got a really good reputation. So siteground is similar to Bluehost and that they’ve been around for a really long. Long time. It’s a little bit more difficult to get into this affiliate program. But maybe you’ll be able to get in. They also have really good commissions and they’ve got a kind of a scaling commission rate as well. So for 125 sales, I’m in Europe at the moment. So it’s 40 euros a sale. So probably around about $65 but as you can see it grow, so 6 to 10, it goes to 60 Euros, 11 or 20 goes to 75 and if you can get above 21 sales, like we had on the HostGator one that will give you a custom commission. So they’re going to try and keep you into the program and give you more. Money, I like siteground because I’ve got a really good reputation.

They’re very fast website host and a lot of people like using them. Another one is teachable and teachable is fantastic. This is going to allow people to sell online courses. And the reason why I like this one is because teachable does pretty much everything. So you can have your landing page on teachable, which will get people in and you can collect email, addresses. You can have a sales page and of course, you can have a full-on course, which is where you can upload videos, you can upload. You know, lectures and text documents in pretty much everything. And the great thing about teachable is that they have a recurring commission, and I think we’ve talked about recurring commissions, just yet. But one of the great things about teachable is that you can have a 30% recurring commission with teachable. So that means that if any one signs up for you, teachable course, let’s say that they get the professional plan, which is what most people will get after, you know, a month or two.
That’s $79. So you’re going to meet getting $23 a month. Every person every month, they keep on the great thing about this is that let’s say you’ve get got 30 people who have signed up going to be getting their commissions every time that they pay that monthly fee, that monthly fee. So 30%, which is really amazing. And the great thing is, is that their core if their course is doing, well, if they’ve got people paying them for their course, you know constantly, they’re not going to shut down. The course. There’s they’re not going to stop paying teachable, which means teachable aren’t gonna stop paying you. So, these recurring ones are really the gold, the golden eggs in, in affiliate marketing. So I really like teachable.


Now, there’s another one called clickfunnels and if you haven’t heard of clickfunnels, it’s essentially an all-in-one, kind of sales platform, which is really, which is really kind of revolved around creating funnels. Now, if you don’t know what funnels are, they kind of about a term to bring customers in, who are not really sure about your business and then you kind of warm them up and then you sell to them. Clickfunnels is amazing, and they put a really amazing affiliate program and you can make a Whole lot of money, I’ll just link to click funnels because they pretty much tell you everything about it. But I know that there are a lot of people who are making over a million dollars with the clickfunnels of affiliate program.

It’s an awesome program, but it does require you to to sign up. Click funnels to be able to be an affiliate, which is kind of a caveat. That’s why I’m not really going too much into it, but I’ll link to it if you want to check it out. So, that was some of my favorite higher, paying affiliate programs. Now, of course, there are much higher paying affiliate programs, which are kind of like JB programs, where you do a joint venture with someone. And they might pay you $500 for a affiliate commission, but I actually find these ones are a little bit better because they’re easily to get into. You don’t have to actually know the people would be able to do it. And there are a lot of people who are actively searching to sign up for these companies as well, rather than kind of working with someone who they don’t know in the first place.

Do you put affiliate links on YouTube? Yeah. Absolutely. And I think that’s one of the best ways to make a good living off YouTube. So if you guys don’t know what affiliate links are or essentially, there are way in which you can kind of promote another brand. So let’s say a good example is Amazon. You can put Amazon affiliate links on your channel. So a great way to do this is with for all cameras. I have a big photography Channel. We’ve got nearly, it’s got 400,000 subscribers. If I review a camera, say a Canon 70D or something like that. I can put a link to Amazon in the description box below the video under my review. And if someone goes and buys that camera, I can make around about four percent commission on that.

So 4% might not sound like a lot, but if you’re selling a camera, that’s worth. $2000 for percent of $2,000, is actually $80. So, that’s $80 from meters making that review and you know putting that Like them. Now again, $80 might not sound like a lot even though $80 a day is actually pretty good for work that you’ve done a long time ago. But if you can have, let’s say 10 camera reviews for Tamarind different cameras, that’s actually going to add up to, you know, roughly eighty eight hundred dollars a day. So it’s definitely a great little niche that you can do. So, I would recommend pretty much any channel to have affiliate links in the YouTube description. And that’s one of the great things about YouTube is they allow you to put links three lines of links under your videos. And also, It probably recommend putting it in your first comment as well, and pin that comment because a lot of the time people won’t look into the actual description box. They’ll look go down and read the comments. So definitely do it. And, yeah, Affiliates on.

YouTube is actually a really good thing. Can you make money from Amazon? Affiliates? Absolutely. Can, in fact, that’s been my main money earner for probably close to five years and Amazon affiliate program can really work. Well, especially if you’re in the right Niche, so I’ve been probably making close to five to ten thousand dollars a month on. Is on Affiliates pretty much every month for a few years now, and that’s mainly from my photography channel. So, my photography channel is Chris, winter photography and on that channel, I review cameras. I test out cameras, a teach people how to take photos and things like that. And essentially what would happen is, you know, I will always link nearly in all of my my videos to the camera that I’m reviewing or the lens that I’m reviewing or the tripod that I’m talking about or the deal that’s available on Amazon. And essentially, what you want to do is get a lot of people going to Amazon, that’s kind of the way that it will work with the Amazon affiliate program.

You need a large amount of traffic but it’s totally possible especially with something like YouTube where you can really get a lot of people looking at like say a review of a new camera or something like that. But yeah, you can definitely make at least, you know, a couple hundred days at dollars a day on Amazon affiliate. It’s got a question saying, what three affiliate programs would you recommend to start with? I think it’s going to really depend on the niche that you’re in, but if you’re in this kind of money. In business online kind of Niche, I would recommend a Shopify affiliate program. I think it’s really solid. They have very good payouts. So with the Shopify affiliate program if someone signs up for Shopify with just their basic plan, you’ll get the first two months of their Shopify payments. So it’s roughly, I think it’s $52 essentially for everyone that does that that’s a really good one. I’d always recommend most people to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program because it’s a really easy one to get into and pretty much you can link to Anything and then you’re going to be making some money with it.


And another one that I would like is probably Bluehost. I think Bluehost is a really good affiliate program. They’re going to be, you know, hosting your WordPress website. And again, they’ve got really good commissions. So those are the three that I’d probably recommend for most people. What are the best ways on monetizing a YouTube channel. Well, I mean, there are lots of different ways in which you can do it and it’s really going to come down to a niche. Generally. I’m always going to recommend using Google ads, AdSense is a great way to make a little bit of consistent income and that’s What it really is for me. It’s a consistent income. Because generally, when you start a YouTube channel, you’re going to be getting a certain amount of views consistently every day, especially if you going to have like a bit of a back catalogue of your channel, so let’s say you get a thousand or ten thousand views a day. You can generally know you’re going to be maybe making, you know, $5 a day or $50 a day or $100 a day or something like that.

Other ways of monetizing your YouTube channel. The next thing I’d probably look at is something like affiliate marketing. So for example, you can sign up to the Amazon Associates program. Which is essentially a way in which you can, you know, recommend products on Amazon, which is pretty much any product in the world. Amazon’s just got such a large store and then if someone buys those products after clicking your link, you’ll get like a four to eight percent commission on that. So let’s say for example someone buys a camera. I have a big photography Channel as well which you know, someone might buy a camera for $1,000 for percent of that is going to be 40 bucks.

So if any time someone buys a camera for $1,000 I Get $40 commission, which is pretty good and that can add up as well. Other ways of monetizing your channel. You can do merchandise. I think that’s really good. But you need a very loyal fan base because people aren’t just going to buy T-shirts for thirty or forty dollars if they don’t really like your channel, but merchandise can be another one. And also doing brand-new is, is a great one way as well. Sponsorships. You will generally get a lump sum, you know, maybe $1,000 or $5,000 to do like a one minute plug or something in your videos. So there are lots of ways check out my channel. Channel. I’ve done a lot of videos and how to monetize your YouTube.

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