Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners

best affiliate networks for beginners

Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners

Rakuten is one of the best affiliate networks for beginners. This is a membership site that has an impressive amount of merchant members. This means you don’t have to pay any monthly fees or signup costs in order to use the site and benefit from all of the features it offers. Some of these features include: free video training, forums for your marketing team, an unlimited amount of listings, and much more. This article will provide you with a quick introduction of Rakuten, as well as a few reasons why this is the best affiliate network for beginners.

I’ll start by sharing something very important about affiliate marketing. When you sign up with a merchant through an affiliate network like Rakuten, you receive a commission based on the sale price you are able to generate. The difference between this commission and what you would pay at a retail store or online auction site is the ” rake”. The rake is what you pay to the affiliate marketer every time they make a sale. This commission can be anywhere from a few cents per sale to a few dollars per sale, but it varies from merchant to merchant. This means that any affiliate marketer who is serious about making money should seriously consider signing up with Rakuten.

One of the best things about Rakuten is that you don’t have to do much work once you have signed up. You will be provided with their “tech department” which is where they provide you with all the resources and tools you need to market your website effectively. You won’t have to worry about manually sending out traffic to a variety of niche sites. You will also be given data feeds to market to your niche quickly and easily.

Perhaps the biggest pro that you will find with Rakuten is the fact that it is not affiliated with any merchants. This means that there are no worries about dealing with payments or inventory issues. Both of these issues can become quite complex and time consuming when working with merchants. Another pro is that you can get a lot of training from their tech support department which will help you in learning how to market effectively and efficiently as a beginner.

There are a few cons that you will want to keep in mind when deciding to use Rakuten as your affiliate marketing partner. One of the biggest problems that many affiliate marketers face is finding quality information. You will run into a lot of “fly by night” websites that provide affiliate links, but don’t provide quality content. Many of these sites require you to pay a fee before you can access their “coaching” material. This can make it difficult for someone just starting out to determine if this type of business is right for them.

Some other cons of Rakuten include the fact that they only pay on a CPC basis. This means that the more traffic that you drive to your website, the more commission you will earn. Many affiliate marketers have made a mistake by thinking that all they need to do is to put up a simple website and they will be able to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth! You must have traffic in order to generate any kind of income.

A good example of a company that offers quality training for beginners affiliate networks is clickbank. They have an excellent tutorial section that is filled with video tutorials and step by step guides that walk you through every aspect of their affiliate marketing programs. Their backend system is also very easy to use and easy to monitor, making it easy for affiliates to track their statistics such as click through rate and conversion rates.

2checkout is another great network for beginners to join. Their backend system is really easy to use, and their interface is very user friendly. They are also very reputable and trustworthy so that merchants can rest assured that they won’t be getting cheated out of their hard earned money by affiliates who don’t know what they are doing. They have partnerships with some of the biggest names in online retail and shopping so you will always be able to find products and promotions from merchants that you want to work with. The only downside is that you usually have to pay a monthly fee to join but that is not something that most merchants will worry about.

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