Ecommerce Affiliate Network – Three Affiliate Marketing Highlights

ecommerce affiliate network

Ecommerce Affiliate Network – Three Affiliate Marketing Highlights

An eCommerce affiliate network connects affiliates with affiliate programs which enable them to promote eCommerce-oriented offers from various merchants. The most popular online markets include those dealing with electronics, appliances and computers. eCommerce affiliates market online products of these brands by providing online advertisements and links to their sites. eCommerce affiliates can also sell electronic items, such as e-books, music and software, as well as digital media such as videos, images and graphics.

Affiliates can start earning money from their eCommerce sites in a variety of ways, depending on their niche and popularity among online buyers. Affiliates can use Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market the merchants’ sites, or they can work on their own marketing efforts. Affiliate networks offer various affiliate programs to different niche areas. This includes health and wellness, weight loss, gifts and fine and fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular online marketing campaigns using an ecommerce affiliate network. This campaign uses a tool called Google AdWords to help drive visitors to a website with an advertisement for a popular doctor. This advertisement links to a web page that contains a Doctor.r webpage, which contains details about the doctor, contact information and a link to the physician’s website. The user then enters their name and valid email address into a web form, and they click on the small “buy now” button displayed on the Google search engine results page. Visitors who follow the link are sent to the physician’s website.

The above example illustrates two of the most important aspects of this campaign. In the first place, the affiliate network provided the link for the visitors, and in the second place the physician’s website got a link from the affiliate network, which led directly to it. However, there’s something important missing. It’s not the site visitors who make the sale–the process is automated and the affiliate program manager is responsible for getting the customer to the physician’s site. This is where referral marketing highlights come in.

Referral marketing highlights come from the fact that the affiliate program manager has set up an application that sends a specific text message to every visitor that is directed from the main affiliate page. This is a very simple process and the end result can be huge commissions. It only takes a couple of seconds to set up and the application sends a targeted message to every user on the system. Every time someone clicks on the link in the text message, the person is sent to a page that contains the physician’s profile, prices, services offered, and contact information.

To encourage visitors to sign up for the app, the affiliate manager has an incentive for every new sign-up: a percentage of each new affiliate sale that is paid out to the primary partners. If you look at it from three different perspectives–on the part of the patients, the physician, and the affiliate–you can see how this incentive system is a powerful one. The patients are getting a great service for a reduced rate; the physicians are getting potential patients who may need their services; and the affiliates are getting a referral that produces a future commission. These three groups have a natural incentive to encourage sign ups.

As an affiliate, you get a commission for each sale that is generated by your referrals. You only need to focus on sending a single message to the correct link, and you can earn an automatic percentage from all of your sales. And because everything is automatically created for you, there is no additional effort required by the affiliate marketers. They don’t have to create new products or change existing products; they don’t have to research products to find the best ones; they don’t have to worry about conversion rates to determine whether the affiliate network is a good match for them; and they don’t have to handle customer service calls or email inquiries. All they have to do is point their website visitors to the right affiliate links.

The other eCommerce affiliate marketing highlights include the creation of referral links and the automatic generation of affiliate codes. The affiliate network takes care of generating referral links through its site. Each time a visitor is redirected to the merchant’s site, a “clicks through” affiliate link is awarded. The network also allows affiliates to use social media to build exposure. For example, if a doctor in her local community is featured on the homepage of a website with thousands of followers, many of those followers will be automatically converted into referring doctors.

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