How to Make Money on Snap – An Insider’s Look

Affiliate marketing on Snapchat

How to Make Money on Snap – An Insider’s Look

If you have an iPhone or a Blackberry you definitely should take a look at this new application called Affiliate Marketing on Snapchat. This application lets users get paid for promoting products on their mobile devices. It works by the user creating content through their personal channels and then sharing that content to be shared with friends. When a user views that content they will have the opportunity to buy the product that is being promoted.

The platform itself offers quite a few interesting affiliate marketing opportunities. Basically there are two ways to create content. First you can create individual videos and share them with your network. The second way is to upload the videos to your page, along with a description and your audience, and invite them to subscribe to your feed. When someone subscribes to your feed they will see your video adverts.

The platform is really neat, because it gives you a unique opportunity to reach a whole new audience. You don’t need your own business to join the platform, so you don’t lose out on a potential customer’s pool. If you have an existing business that has an Instagram account you can integrate that account into the Snapchat platform. Therefore you can create affiliate ads and use your existing social media channels to promote the content. It’s a very simple way to increase your exposure and increase your audience.

This new medium of advertising is ideal for small, medium and large affiliate marketers. In fact the largest social networks now have affiliate marketing baked into them. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and StumbleUpon all have some form of affiliate marketing baked into their interfaces. The problem is that these platforms all cater to very specific audiences.

For example social networks like Facebook cater to the entertainment obsessed public. They have groups of friends and family that are all close by and all interested in the same things. They all tend to be younger and more male, with families who live in the same place as them. Therefore Facebook ads that are intended to target this group will probably not yield the same results as those aimed at more mature and female viewers.

This is why affiliate marketing on Snap is a good fit for a business that is more geared towards the younger crowd. Snapchats allow you to post up to 15 videos in your profile. These videos can be related to your business and posted by users who are logged into Snapchats on a daily basis. People who are active in that particular social network will be able to see your videos, and they might click through to your website or landing page if they are interested. This audience is already engaged with you, and therefore your message is much more likely to be read than one posted by someone who isn’t a regular on that site. Their interest in what you have to say is secondary.

The demographic of your audience will also play a role in which advertising platforms you can choose to advertise on. If your target audience is young, you will likely want to promote your business on one of the younger social media platforms. If your target audience is older, you may prefer to advertise on one of the more mature platforms. For example, if your business sells men’s fashion watches, an ad campaign on a younger platform like YouTube may not be a good fit. In this case, it would be better to promote on a more established platform that is seen as more professional and thus more likely to attract a highly engaged audience. Some examples include: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The final consideration when you start to look at affiliate marketing on Snap is whether or not you will be able to provide the specific benefits to your audience that you would on other platforms. While you can market your products or services on this platform just the same way you would on other social networks, you need to make sure that you are reaching the right audience. If you are promoting a new channel on this app that you haven’t launched on other platforms, make sure that you are aware of how the audience will use this channel. By following these simple strategies, you can make money on Snap!

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