How To Protect Digital Courses & Software From Illegal Downloads | Copyright Protection [PROOF]

In this video, I’ll show you how to protect your courses and software from being illegally distributed online from other websites, blackhat groups, group buys and more. This service is amazing and they do all the work to make sure your work is protected from copyright infringement.

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Harvel scans the internet on a daily basis to find where your content is stolen. They provdie automated piracy detection, human verification on all found links and extensive web crawler for IP infringement.

Harvel also sends DMCA takedown requests to hosting providers and Google, in order to remove it from all search engines, as well as the site itself.

You get provide regular updates on new found links, status of DMCA takedowns, and new infringements.

You get regular updates on new found links, status of DMCA takedowns, and new infringements.

We have a serious problem with digital copyright protection. The problem is that the only way for copyright to work is for everyone to respect it, including software companies and other businesses. And there is no mechanism to enforce this.

Copy protection measures have become an issue because of the emerging market for digital content. Because the digital version of a book, movie, or song is identical to the original, it is often possible to make a perfect digital copy of a work and distribute it freely on the Internet. Some people do this so that they can share their collection with friends and family. But some people copy digital works and make them available for free download, to earn money from advertising linked to the sites where they are posted. The broadcasters feel they are not receiving adequate compensation for their content, and that pirates are taking advantage of their hard work and talent. The pirates feel that if content providers want a level playing field, they should lower their prices for digital content so that it can compete with pirate copies.

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