Why the Amazon Associate Program is One of the Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

When it comes to the world of affiliate marketing, one of the best ways to get started and make some fast cash is through an Amazon associate program. There are many advantages that can be had by signing up with Amazon and signing up for their associates program. Not only will you get paid for selling products on Amazon, but you will also get commissions on every single referral you make.

That’s right, no need to worry about inventory or fulfillment. As an affiliate, you will not have to worry about these types of details and will instead focus on the marketing aspects of the program. As a result, your time is free to do what you want, whether that is focused on the business side of things or focus on networking.

So, what exactly is Amazon Associate? Amazon has been around since the beginning of the internet. They provide e-books, software and other resources to publishers and other sellers. Over time they have built one of the largest affiliate programs on the web. When signing up for the program, you will get the opportunity to sell any product on their website.

The way the program works is simple. You sign up with Amazon, give them your information so they can check out your info and then you submit your link to their marketplace. Once you get approved you will be given a unique URL that you will use to promote your product. Whenever someone buys something from your link via Amazon, you get paid. Simple as that, but how do you get paid?

Well, like everything else on the internet, the more you put in the more you will get out. If you only send out a hundred emails per day, then you should be making money. But if you send out one thousand emails then you will easily make a six figure income. And if you get lucky and can reach a thousand customers… who knows what kind of number you can break through and make some serious cash!

The reason I recommend this program is because it is free to join. No risk, no obligation, nothing. The only risk involved is time. So if you’re just starting out in online marketing, I strongly encourage you to take full advantage of the Amazon Associate program. It could potentially turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

I have been using this program for over a year now and I continue to make good money. In fact, if I had to name my top money making programs, Amazon would be right up there with Google and eBay. And if I had to name my top ten programs, I would give Amazon a vote of confidence! (The only reason I haven’t ranked them #1 is because there are so many great options available today!)

Amazon is a great place to start when you want to learn Internet marketing. But it’s not the only place worth looking. My other recommendation is ClickBank, which has really opened the floodgates for e-book publishers. But in my opinion, nothing compares to the Amazon Associate program.

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